Birthday Parties

Who doesn't want to meet a real unicorn?  Or does your little buckaroo need a tiny steed to help celebrate a birthday?....

PS- pony parties are not just for kids!

Outdoor Family Day
Corporate Events

Our horses can add a unique presence to any corporate event  no matter how large or small.

Aria Unicorn Portraits-Aria Unicorn Port

Do you have a great cause or organization you'd like to raise money for?  Try our "I kissed a horse and I liked it" kissing booth.  Contact us for more creative ideas on fundraising with mini horses!


Therapy and Education


One-on-One Therapy Session

The feeling is mutual, our horses love the one-on-one attention that they get from the people they visit.  We can specialize our session to fit your patients', residents' or clients' needs.

First Aid
Group Therapy Visit

If you have never experienced animal-assisted therapy with minis, groups visit are a good introduction into the joy and healing powers that they can bring to your clients or patients.

wicked 2 anp boy grooming.jpg
School Visits

The size and temperament of the miniature horse allows us to bring them to you. Our programs are suitable for pre-k through high school. The topics include anatomy, behavior, horse care, and training.


Photography Sessions

Ro and Wicked Nuzzle.jpg
Smile for the Camera!

Phoenix Mountain Minis hire out handler and horse teams for photography sessions. The horses come groomed and styled for your specific shoot.   If you don't have a photographer in mind, we have recommendations.  We love and are happy to work with the amateur photographer as well!